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La Hasil By Umaira Ahmed Complete PDF Novel

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    La Hasil By Umaira Ahmed Complete PDF Novel. A story over two generations of a woman from the streets of London.
    Lahasil is a story of Human Desires, Lusts & Greeds…

    Lahasil is a story of One’s Love, Contentment & Faith…

    Lahasil focuses on the life of a call-girl, Katherine who is living in London. She meets Mazhar who hails from a well-to-do, respectable family, and inspires with his character and Islam loving attitude. They get married and she becomes a Muslim, Khadija Noor. They have a son, Zulayd, but while he is still an infant, Mazhar finds out about Katherine’s past and divorces her, taking his son with him. He later remarries while Khadija also remarries, adopts a girl and moves to Pakistan. Mariam and Zulayd meet each other and get married and it is for the readers to discover where the twists and turns of their lives take them.

    La Hasil By #Umaira Ahmed Complete PDF Novel.
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